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What's inside?? It's anyone's guess really, the question is...How adventurous are you?? && Do you like fizzies surprises?? If you do then our Mystery Fizz Bags are for you!

Mystery items can include | Facial Care, Hair Care, Bubbles & Bombs, Whipt Polish Scrubs, Lip Balms, Whipt Moisturizers, Artisan Soaps, Bath Fizzies && and so much more.

  • Less than perfect items & OOPs products | Anything less than perfect, bath fizzies that have browned (where the vanilla browned out & made spots) that no longer look presentable & gift ready, but are fabulous in the tub.
  • Oops and damaged label items | Some products may have labels that have been smeared or cracked. 
  • Discontinued items | Fizz bombs that we changed the look on or stopped selling. 

Each box will have at least 4-5 items inside along with possible additional samples.

Made in the USA

100% Free of Parabens, Phthalates & Formaldehydes

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