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Why handmade? Studies have shown that over the long term, beauty blends that are made entirely from plant oils & extracts produce healthier, more beautiful skin than using synthetic products. The Green Rift uses ingredients that are mostly natural, we use mixed media, including synthetic fragrances. We are fanatical about our synthetic fragrances that we source, if we can purchase a natural version of the same scent that is what is offered to our customers.

We always source the best quality oils, extracts, essential oils and raw materials from ethical and sustainable manufacturers and we never, ever use any product that is tested on animals. To ensure everyone can make informed choices about the products they choose, we have included an “A-Z” of the main ingredients in our products.

We formulate with healthy skin as the end goal without sacrificing safety and integrity. The balance between ethical body care and luxury body care is one we strive to maintain in every regard.

Ideas and inspiration comes from nature, our world around us, and talking with our clients. We love natural ingredients and are passionate about finding new ways to use them over synthetic fillers.

The Green Rift is an independent, woman-owned, small business in Rockford Illinois, producing high-quality body products since 2012. All of our products are artisan crafted by hand using carefully sourced ingredients for the eco beauty conscious. Natural botanicals, plant based oils and butters are infused with a dash of color without the use of synthetic fillers to create products that captivate your senses.

We curate our space to include clean, cruelty free and 100% passion. Our products are as truthfully, inspired, beautifully made as possible, and exquisitely packaged using environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials.

We truly believe that you will ‘Fall in love with your bath again.’

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